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June 2007: Check out the Maintenance page. I found a resource for Homestrand Stove parts and instructions on how to use the stove.

October 2008: Check out the Models section. I have found new photos of boats and new documents and information about the American 8.5 and the 9.0 (28 and 30 footers).

November 2008: Check out the Documents section. I found a PDF file that has the original Shoal Walk-thru Keel patent.

Welcome to my American Mariner Industries history pages. American Mariner Industries called their boats "The World's Finest Trailerable Cruising Sloops". Designed by Arthur Henry, the boats were marketed for their outstanding stability, quality, and roominess. Henry's American design has a broad beam with a long, straight water-line run leading to the 7' wide transom. The fixed keel and plenty of freeboard gives these well-built sloops a surprising sea-easiness and inner spaciousness. All models in the product line have a full 6' headroom with no pop-top. Wide comfortable bunks and well-planned storage areas make these an ideal trailer-sailer sloop.

American Mariner Industries built these boats in California for about 5 years starting somewhere in the mid-1970s and ceased production in the early 1980's.

The 1980s were tough on sailboat manufacturers. Companies like AMI suddenly went away, bankrupt due to poor management or just being unable to sell their products. Maybe it was a shift in the economy or maybe it was because people werent as concerned with the cost of gasoline as they had been in the1970s and went back to motor boats. Some sailboat companies made it, like Hunter and Catalina; many of the big names like ODay, Pearson, and Bristol did not.

There is a strong market for orphan boats. Do a Google search on used sailboats and you’ll find an armada of these boats that are still around, at prices that can accommodate most any pocketbook. There are even websites where you can still buy OEM parts for many boats, including the American Mariner Industries boats.

There never was an official AMI website; AMI was long gone before the days of the Internet. Replacing it are a handful of sites developed by the owners of these fine boats, all because they are proud of their boats and want to share them with other owners and anyone who is thinking about buying one.

The links along the sidebar on this page will take you to a variety of information I have collected from several different websites. One thing that struck me as I did my research on AMI boats was that at anytime these resources could just disappear as owners changed boats or got tired of maintaining these sites or a crashed server could lose some of this data forever. And seeing how great these boats are, it would be a shame.

Please feel free to download anything you find here. Also feel free to send anything you find in terms of documents to me as I would like to continue to archive this information.

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